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      June, 09 2017 - Erin
Certified Review
loved the spray tan machine...it was a very gentle spray and not cold...very nice employees!!!
legs were left uneven...stripey and splotchy...i hope it evens out :(
Services received :
  • first time tan with Sunless
      May, 13 2017 - Savannah
Certified Review
Loved Alexis!! But my hair looks nothing like I wanted it to.
Services received :
  • Hair Consultation with Christine
  • Full Panel ABC with Christine
  • Color Balance Xtra-long with Christine
  • Color Tone Xlong with Christine
  • Comp Style W/ Color with Christine
      March, 12 2017 - amber
Certified Review
The experience itself was very good. The staff was friendly and explained how everything worked well.
I got the highest level of spray on tan, and I don't look that much different, it needs higher levels so that the color actually changes
Services received :
  • first time tan with Sunless
  • first time tan with Sunless
      February, 08 2017 - Kellye
Certified Review
Fantastic job on the eye brow tint.
Salon specialist confronted me 3 times with the amount of times I spray tan a week when I did not ask her advice. I would appreciate coming in for a service without having a lecture on my choices to tan as I see fit. Will come back for a wax and brow tint as long as she does not force her opinions upon me.
Services received :
  • Sunless Tan Clear with Sunless
      September, 22 2016 - Sandi
Certified Review
Although I love coming to your salon, I feel that the technicians are not comfortable doing my hair. Would like to see more competence in their skills, even though my hair presents not as the tech typically experience. Thank you Cameron for being there.
Services received :
  • Hair Cut and Style Female with Camerin
      June, 17 2016 - Linda
Certified Review
Dorothy and Michelle were awesome. The spa is beautiful and the staff is always welcoming.
We had a couples massage. My bed was broken and squeaked the entire 90 minutes and became such a nuisance. Not very relaxing at all. Furthermore, our room was very small and stuffy and warm! We were very surprised to see another couples rooms when we left that was unoccupied AND much bigger. Can't understand that.
Services received :
  • 90- Min Massage with Dorothy
  • Finishing Time with Dorothy
  • 90- Min Massage with Michele
  • Finishing Time with Michele
      June, 11 2016 - Alisha
Certified Review
My manicurist was great and personable... We chatted the whole time.
I felt like I was being rushed the entire time I was there. I know my appt was the last slot of the day but I think I was only there for 35 minutes... My fingers weren't soaked at all so my cuticles weren't touched. I haven't had a manicure in over 3 months and j know my cuticles should have needed a little attention.
Services received :
  • Shellac Manicure Express with Jennifer
  • Finishing Time with Jennifer

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